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The latest makeup for blue eyes and anti-ageing skincare infused with copper: Elsa McAlonan’s beauty upgrades



  • Elsa McAlonan gives her top beauty tips for spring beauty the week
  • Start the countdown to summer with the new bronzing makeup
  • Don’t be afraid to try blue eye make-up – it is one of the biggest trends

    Race you there!

    Start the countdown to summer with the new Elizabeth Arden Sunset Bronze Color Collection. The limited edition products include a bronzing powder and a crayon highlighter to fake a post-holiday glow. My personal favourite is the Prismatic Eye Shadow Palette (£25, which has five summery shades of taupe and purple shadow, encased in a brightly patterned compact. You certainly won’t struggle to find it in your make-up bag.

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    What’s now & how to do it: Blue eyes

    Don’t be afraid to try blue eye make-up this spring – even if you haven’t worn the shade for decades. It is one of the biggest make-up trends this season. A slick of blue eyeliner is all it takes, but don’t be tempted to apply it inside the eye. Instead, draw along the upper lash line, softly smudging it into the lashes. Finish with lots of black mascara.

    Try Rimmel London Magnif’ Eyes (£6.99, Boots); Chameleon pencil (£19,; or Sisley Phyto Eye Twist (£28, John Lewis).





















Instant grey cover-up

Cover grey hair in seconds with a new spray-on. The L’Oreal Paris Magic Retouch (£8.99, Boots) comes in light blonde, dark blonde, brown, dark brown and black. It works particularly well on darker hair like Eva Longoria’s, above, covering greys instantly.

Can copper really turn back time?

Copper has been used in skincare products for centuries, thanks to its wound-healing properties. And now it has made a return to the beauty industry – in anti-ageing products.

Find copper in the new Elemis Biotec skincare, which claims to ‘wake-up’ the skin, helping it look radiant and smooth. The range includes Biotec Skin Energising Cleanser (£39.50) Day Cream (£75) and Night Cream (£85, all Copper is also in Perricone MD Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment (£35, Space NK). It is a gentle cleanser that removes impurities from the skin and is an easy step to add to your routine as it doesn’t need to be rinsed off.

Or try a copper-infused moisturiser – Dermalogica Retinol Overnight Repair (£73, which uses a copper and amino acid complex to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


This works

Balance Me Tinted Wonder Eye Cream (£20, balanceme. ) is designed to cover and diminish dark shadows, firm the skin under eyes and reduce puffiness. Just what we need to treat dark circles after losing an hour’s sleep yesterday.


Shameless indulgence

Tea isn’t something that springs to mind when thinking of scent. But Jo Malone has turned tea leaves into a luxurious cologne collection. The Rare Teas range costs a huge £240 for a 175ml bottle ( and launches at the end of this week. They handpicked tea from Japan, China and the Himalayas and infused the scent from the leaves into the fragrance. The six-cologne collection includes Silver Needle Tea, with added rose and sage, Darjeeling Tea, with notes of freesia and jasmine, Jade Leaf Tea with pomelo and sesame, Oolong Tea with cocoa and tonka bean, Midnight Black Tea with oriental woody notes of vanilla and labdanum, and Golden Needle tea, paired with sandalwood, giving it a leathery, spicy aroma.



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