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RER’s New Healthy Chapter


Hello! I am pretty excited about this… I decided to become a Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I have actually thought about this for YEARS and years . But then ol’ RER took off and kept me super busy and I kinda pushed it aside.


Recently it’s been nagging at me again. I am obsessed with learning about health and food and balance and helping people. I really want to take my knowledge further. And I want to align myself with others who are passionate about healthy living.

My personal issues with binge eating and more recently hypothyroidism, have required me to do tons of research, self care and trial and error to find out how to keep myself healthy. It’s been a very long journey to learn what my binge eating triggers are and how to fuel myself in a healthy way.

I’m still working on eating the best diet for my thyroid issues (a recent blood test actually showed my T4 is now low – in the past it was just my T3). My family physician doesn’t have a ton of information on the best nutrition for thyroid issues and has always encouraged me to read up on it myself. I feel like becoming a health coach in combination with overcoming my own obstacles open up an opportunity for me to help you/my friends/strangers in the supermarket…

I know I have so much to learn. But given my personal experiences, I have so much to share. And after researching the program and their instructors I decided to just go for it!


I have signed up for the next session starting in July. It’s a year long virtual program. I was lucky enough to hear about a Memorial Day discount that took a lot of $$$ off tuition and IIN is offering to give that same discount to anyone who signs up and mentions me (Monica Olivas not necessarily Run Eat Repeat, but maybe that would work too). I did a lot of research so if you’re interested you can also email me with your questions.

So yeah… let’s see how this goes!

Related… now I have to mention this to Ben as I just realized I didn’t tell him yet. Monican is busted!


In other news…. Florida is still hot and beautiful and fun! I had to stay inside for most of the morning to get work done, but I’m planning on heading back out to take a walk and soak up the salty air right after I’m done with this post.beach-florida-rainbow-671x503_thumb

And Corey and I went snorkeling yesterday! Sadly I went at the worst time and it wasn’t very clear. I did see some Sheepshead fish! But I should try it again asap!


Question: When was the last time you went snorkeling?

Fun fact: I’m too scared to do SCUBA diving. For now at least.

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