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Open Thread: Who Is Your Ultimate Beauty Icon?



A few years ago, I had an interview for a contract position at a Canadian fashion magazine. During the interview, the beauty editor asked me to name my ultimate beauty icon. Although I’d spent hours preparing for the interview (and had written a short list of possible answers to that very question), I totally drew a blank. Then I panicked and blurted out, “Daryl Hannah in Splash.”

I immediately regretted the answer. I mean, Darryl Hannah looked beautiful as Madison the mermaid, but I think that had more to do with her bone structure and less to do with any makeup she wore. Her crimped bangs really haven’t stood the test of time, either.

Of course, the situation could have been worse. I could have said “Hagrid” or “Lady from Lady and the Tramp” or something. The interview moved along, and I wound up getting the contract. All’s well that ends well, I suppose. But if I could go back in time, I might have done things differently. I might have named one of these women as my ultimate beauty icon:

Zoe Kravitz and Lisa Bonet

<> at Hollywood Palladium on February 10, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

This mother/daughter duo is so beautiful that it almost physically pains me. Whenever I see photos of Zoe on the red carpet, I obsess over her makeup. Last summer she did gold lips and geometric eyeliner for the Mad Max: Fury Road premiere, and I’m still not over it. And as for Lisa Bonet, well, she’s been doing the glowy skin and dark-lined eyes for years, and I love her for it.

Emma Watson


In my opinion, Emma Watson is the new classic—she always looks chic, timeless, and so elegant. Emma usually does a bold brow and dramatic lip, and I love that she doesn’t cover up her freckles.

The septuagenarian with purple hair


I used to work at a liquor store in Toronto, and one of my favorite regular customers was a woman in her seventies. She came in once a week to buy a bottle of Bombay Sapphire gin, and her naturally white hair was always dyed bright purple. She wore bright red lipstick and colorful clothing, and seeing her on a weekly basis was just a treat. I hope that if I’m lucky enough to be tossing back gin and tonics in my seventies, I do it with purple hair and red lipstick, too.

So, now that I’ve told you mine, I want to hear yours: who is your ultimate beauty icon? Let me know in the comments section below!

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