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Kendall Jenner: Here Are The Beauty Tips She Learned From Kim Kardashian



As an only child, I am absurdly jealous of all the advice Kendall Jenner has gotten from her older sisters, beauty mavens Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian. Luckily, she’s sharing their advice!

Kendall Jenner, 20, barely needs help in the beauty department, but she has gotten some life-changing advice from her older sisters, including Kim Kardashian. Read their skincare tips, plus see how she stays thin while eating “pizza, fried chicken, everything” below.


Kendall spoke to Byrdie at the Estee Edit launch in New York on March 22.

“My sisters, since they’re a little bit older than Kylie and I, they’ve always wanted to help prevent anything that they’ve gone through when they were our age. So they’re like, Never touch your face, never pick your face, always wash your face, and wear eye cream. They literally give us everything that we should do. So ever since then, we’ve started taking skincare really seriously.”

Kendall said she loves this night cream but adds, “But I can’t pick just one!”

She adds: “I’m very simple and lazy with my beauty routine. I wouldn’t say I’m that daring. But I’ve always been super OCD about washing my face — and that’s even before I started modeling. But it’s definitely enhanced now because I wear so much makeup all the time. I wash my face at least two or three times a day.”

Kendall Jenner’s Beauty Advice — Tips From Her Sisters & Kim Kardashian

About her hair, Kendall says: “My hair is so stick straight and silky, so when I sleep with it wet and wake up in the morning, it has this nice texture to it. That’s my version of doing my hair.” That sounds easy.

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To maintain her model figure, Kendall admits: “I hate cardio. I’d rather just stand there and lift some weights than run in place. But I’ll do it!”

She likes to do squats and planks to work out her abs and butt (hmmm, where is that inspiration coming from?). She mostly eats healthy — grilled chicken and rice — but admits: “I love everything unhealthy. Pizza, fried chicken, everything.”

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