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I Went On A Five-Day Nacho Diet, And I Actually Lost Weight



Eating happens to be one of my favorite hobbies.

So, as you can imagine, going on a cleanse diet that limits you to six bottles of liquefied kale sounds like a certain kind of hell I never want to experience.

That is exactly why I decided to try a nontraditional approach to dieting back in the fall. I ditched the green vegetable concoctions for an epic diet that let me eat tacos every damn day.

I went on a “taco cleanse” and actually lost weight by stuffing my face with those tortilla-wrapped bad boys for six days straight.

Unfortunately, I put a few pounds back on since weaning myself off tacos. (I know, who would have thought, right?)

So, I recently decided it was time to go back on another insane diet. But this time, I wanted to try a diet that was nacho average cleanse.

I opted for the taco’s messy fraternal twin and went on an all-out nacho diet.

The nacho diet was just like your typical juice cleanse, except for the fact I replaced those sh*tty drinks with all sorts of insanely tasty nachos.

Yep, for five days I stuck to a strict nacho regimen and said goodbye to alcohol and all other supplementary snacks.

I was pretty sure this diet wasn’t going to work, but at the end of day five, I did the final weigh in and discovered I had actually lost weight. Three pounds, to be exact.

But before you swear off all other foods for tortilla chips and cheese, you should probably know this diet made me sick AF and the nacho-induced nausea I experienced was definitely not worth dropping a couple pounds.

Yeah, sorry to rain on your fiesta.

I recently went on a “nacho cleanse” and only ate nachos for five whole days.


Unlike my previous taco diet, I actually made an effort to be somewhat healthy this time by eating out for some meals and also making healthier versions of nachos on my own.


I began my cheesy endeavors with a colossal plate of nachos piled high with chicken, guac and cheese from Vamos.


Later on, I whipped up some apple almond butter nachos…


…and finished up day one with some simple cheesy chicken nachos I made myself.


I wasn’t feeling so great when I woke up on day two, so I started the morning by finishing the leftover apple nachos from the day before. Later in the day, I hit up El Camion Cantina for some veggie nachos loaded with four different types of cheese.


By dinner, I was starting to feel pretty sh*tty. But, I managed to up my nacho count with a plate of homemade Irish nachos, then went to bed with a horrible stomachache.


I woke up on day three feeling marginally better, so I threw together some breakfast waffle nachos.


For lunch, I had the remaining Irish nachos from the day before. But at this point, I had such bad heartburn, I wasn’t really able to each much.


Then, I finished the day by basically forcing myself to eat some Al Pastor nachos from Taqueria Diana.


On day four, I felt like these nachos were actually trying to kill me.


I’m not used to eating a lot of dairy products, so the cheese was definitely taking a toll on me; it was even making my skin break out. I decided to do some damage control by noshing on a few “naked” veggie nachos for an AM snack.

For lunch, I had a plate of bell pepper pizza nachos…


…and I wrapped up the day by giving myself a pep talk and going in on a plate of nachos from El Vez.


Needless to say, I totally regretted that dinner decision because I was nauseated AF for the rest of the night.

I woke up on day five feeling absolutely awful. But I’m no quitter, so I started the last day off on a strong note by demolishing a heaping pile of apple pomegranate nachos.


This was followed by a mountain of Mediterranean cucumber nachos for lunch.


Finally, I celebrated the end of this damn diet with a victorious plate of homemade veggie nachos.


Five days and 15 plates of nachos later, I guess you could say the nacho diet was a success because I lost three pounds in the process.


However, I definitely wouldn’t recommend going on this diet because eating an endless amount of nachos will straight up make you feel like sh*t.

If we can learn one thing from this, it’s you can probably lose weight by eating almost anything as long as you cut alcohol and sugar out of your diet.



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