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Beauty Bloggers Share 19 Skincare Secrets You May Not Know


Skincare emergency? Feeling a bit … blah and less than luminous lately? Sometimes a little tweak in your skincare routine is all you need to get glowy skin.

Beauty bloggers have picked up the best skincare tips of makeup artists, models, beauty editors, and other skincare experts. Chances are that we’ve tried that new cream you’re so excited about and can tell you if that handheld device really did help heal a blemish.

19 Skincare Tips You Didn’t Know

From why you do need an eye cream to blemish fighting tips you didn’t think of, here are 19 skincare tips to make you glow!

Control Oily Skin with a Universal Soap

“Black African Soap can be purchased at Farmer’s Markets and even off of eBay. This cheap soap is all natural and while it looks like clumps of dirt, it is easy to use and is gentle enough to be used every day. Used in replacement of your daily face cleanser, Black African Soap will give you a face that is squeaky clean and cut down on both oil and acne. You can even use it on your whole body.”

Sun-Kissed Legs Made Simple

“If you don’t have time to book a self-tanning session, spike lotion with bronzer. Mix a few pumps of liquid bronzer with regular body lotion. Rub it over legs for a gradual dose of sexy, beachy color.”

Easy and Gentle Lip Exfoliation

“Chapped lips need gentle exfoliation to effectively treat and remove dried skin. Take a little Vaseline or petroleum jelly on a soft child’s toothbrush and gently scrub in circular motions to remove old skin and moisturize at the same time. If a toothbrush isn’t handy try a little raw sugar for the scrubbing action.”

How to Make Creme de la Mer a Great Value

“Creme de la Mer is fabulous, but it is also expensive. Use it sparingly in ways you haven’t thought of though and it can actually be a good value! Creme de la Mer tips include using it as an eye cream or brow conditioner.”

The Single Best Way To Prevent Crow’s Feet

“Creams and serums are terrific, but the best way to prevent Crow’s Feet is to wear large, fashionable sunglasses as often as possible! The frames not only look glamorous, but actually block the sun from toasting you delicate undereye area. Be sure they offer UV protection!”

Face Flakey? Try Dandruff Shampoo

“There are a lot of reason to have the dry flakies near your nose, and the least likely is actually the dry skin that most of us blame. It could be anything from facial dandruff (seborrheic dermatitis) to rosacea to a fungal infection! Instead of scrubbing the area (which usually only irritates the situation) or piling on moisturizer, try your dandruff shampoo. A pea sized amount while you’re in the shower is often long enough to help the situation. You’ll be surprised how often this takes care of the problem!”

Could Your Skin Use A Boost?

“Is your skin looking dull and lackluster? An at-home peel can remove dull surface cells and help to even and brighten skin tone. I love using peels because the results are fast and it is gentle enough to use once a week!”

Pore Strip Your Entire Face with Stuff From Your Kitchen

“I used to cover my face with expensive pore strips, but then I found a recipe for a DIY Pore Stripping Mask which uses only plain gelatin and a little milk. Mix them up, heat it for about 10 seconds in the microwave and apply. Once it has dried you peel it off, and everythingcomes out of your pores as well. Genius!”

The First Step to Banish Acne

“From full blown acne to just a blemish now and again, you have the first step in getting rid of it right in your linen closet! Change your pillowcase EVERY night. Hair products, oil, leftover makeup and more soil your pillow, why would you want to lay your face on that? If you keep a fresh stack near your bed (so you don’t have an excuse not to do it) you’ll be one step closer to clear skin.”

Is Eye Cream Necessary?

“Do you really need an eye cream? Yes, you really do. In a pinch it is fine to use your face cream, but the skin in this area is thinner and absorbs active ingredients more readily (so that retinoid is more likely to irritate your under eye area), and the skin here has different needs as well. Do yourself a favor and use a separate cream here!”

Consider LED Light Therapy For Your Skin

“Home LED Light Devices are a powerful, high tech way to treat skin conditions and tackle aging with good success rates. Try blue light for acne and red for anti aging.”

Shorten the Lifespan of a Pimple

“To save time when trying to cover a large pimple and shave some time off of the lifespan of it, take a few minutes to apply ice. Wrap a cube in a washcloth and hold it against the pimple for 1 minute. The ice will reduce the inflammation and redness, making it much easier to hide. Want to get really fancy? Make ice cubes out of green tea for extra healing benefits!”

Skip the Expensive Body Scrubs

“It’s easy to make your own with ingredients found right in your kitchen. Mix one cup of brown sugar with enough olive oil to make a thick paste. Take the mixture to the tub and scrub it in circular motions all over. The simple-to make scrub helps rid skin of dead cells while the oil leaves skin extra soft.”

Exfoliate Daily Without Buying A Pricey Spinning Gadget

“Try picking up a microfiber washcloth at your local drugstore or beauty website. These cloths can grip the skin in ways a normal washcloth can not and really remove dead skin cells, leaving your face looking fresh!”

Run Out of Shaving Cream?

“Do double duty by coating legs with hair conditioner. It not only softens the hair making it easier to shave, it leaves legs super soft and silky.”

Reapply Your Sunscreen

“Your sunscreen doesn’t last all day, it needs to be reapplied every 2 hours while you’re in the sun or after swimming. Reapplying sunscreen over your makeup can be tricky, resulting in a muddy mess. On days that I’ll be reapplying, I like to use waterproof makeup and as little as possible. Use a chemical sunscreen rather than a physical sunscreen and pat the sunscreen on to small areas of your face, don’t rub!”

Chose the Best Home Laser Hair Removal Device

“The Tria and the Flash and Go are the two top home laser hair removal devices. A Tria and Flash ‘n Go Comparison shows them to be almost equal in effectiveness, but the Flash and go can also be used on facial hair. Removing your hair at home can be a huge time saver!”

Great Lip Balm

“Say goodbye to chapped lips forever with Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream. This balm for nursing mothers is the best lip balm ever. All other lip balms pale in comparison to this boob cream that will have even the most chapped and cracked lips looking soft and supple in no time and keep them that way.”

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