7 Natural Recipes to Clean, Burn & Boost You Through This Winter!

When someone says “workout or gym,” it makes me cringe. I can’t stand working out! Instead of killing myself at the gym, I did this for 30 days. Needless to say, my friends couldn’t stop laughing at me. But now, I’m the one who’s laughing!!! The directions are so easy:

Feeling tired, bloated and sluggish after some hard partying or bad eating? It happens to the best of us. Even if you’re pretty healthy on most days, it’s easy to have a few too many drinks on the weekend, a little extra cake at the wedding or partake in some bad office snacking habits. The problem is that this can have an adverse effect on our health and before we know it we find our bodies suffering the consequences.

One solution to this problem can be a detox. Overhauling your diet and investing in healthy food and drinks can rid your body of harmful toxins, support your natural detoxification processes and get you back to feeling brand new. In this guide we’ll take a good look at detoxing, how to know if you need one, avoiding unsafe fads, how detox smoothies can help and the top 10 recipes to try.


It’s Monday, a perfect day to indulge your nut butter obsession. If you’ve taken eating peanut butter sachets to new levels (in the office at your desk for example) then this smoothie will be your new favorite.

Also, if you’ve managed to get yourself to the gym, it’s a great post-workout shake.

TUESDAY: Superberry Breakfast Smoothie

Skip that 740th bowl of granola and kick start your morning with a delicious smoothie bowl.

WEDNESDAY: Post-Training Power Smoothie!

This recipe comes from the training gurus at Lomax gym and has a ‘potent mix of glucose, electrolytes and whey protein [making it] one of the most easily absorbed post-workout smoothies around.’

THURSDAY: Sleep & Radiant Boost Juice

It’s Thursday, the week is feeling pretty long and you’re really ready for Friday – so it’s time for a bit of a booster.

Try this recipe that’ll pep up both your face and your mind to power through to the weekend.

FRIDAY: Low Cal Cocktails

Happy Friday! Let’s celebrate with a Hot and Passionate Fizz Cocktail. At less than 110 calories there’s no guilt required.


Give your body a bit of a revival if you went out on Friday night with this metabolism boosting juice recipe. Turmeric is also known to block the growth of fat cells. Bonus!


Give yourself a healthy Sunday treat with this indulgent smoothie. Daisy Lowe told us ‘This is one of my absolute favorite things! The recipe was inspired by a drink I had at one of the best smoothie bars in LA: Earthbar. I love it.’


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