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7 In-Shower Beauty Tips That Will Streamline Your Beauty Routine


Showering is something I kind of dread. There’s so much to do in there. So anything I can do in-shower to streamline my beauty routine is kind of a godsend. Between washing all my various parts, conditioning my hair, shaving all the things, softening my heels and elbows, washing my face, singing all of Katy Perry’s greatest hits, and grouting all the shower tiles (OK, that last one was an exaggeration), I don’t always have a lot of time (or energy) left over for the rest of my routine.

Luckily, I found a ton of useful products that can be incorporated into the shower in a seamless way, not a “oh great, even more things to do in there” kind of way, that actually saves me time. And not just seconds. Like, enough time to make my own hot breakfast beverage. I don’t make my own hot breakfast beverages (I’m trying to avoid admitting I don’t like coffee so that you don’t automatically distrust my opinions) but I could!

In-shower multi-tasking make sense, especially since you’re usually doing two things at once anyway. And probably texting while you do those two other things. And you probably text in the shower, too. Anyway, these tips are pretty much shower lifesavers as much as they are shower time savers, and using them is about as close as you can get from emerging from your shower as a full-on glittering mermaid.

1. Smooth Your Feet

Amope has a new Pedi Perfect product that you can use wet or dry. Just charge it up and place it in your shower. Then all you have to do is use the foot file (maybe while you let your conditioner soak in) to get smooth feet. It’s cordless, too, and if you decide you’d rather use it on dry feet, you don’t even have to change the abrasive head. Just grab it and go to town (painlessly, of course) on your rough feet. They will be rough no-more.

2. Moisturize All Over


You know how warm water kind of strips natural oils from your skin, but also opens up your pores? That makes the moments immediately after a shower essential for rehydrating your skin. Usually that means toweling off and slathering on the lotion. But there is also a lotion designed to be used in the shower, on wet skin. Then, when you get out, you can use those few extra minutes to get your booty work done (dance) and call it “air drying.”


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